Mercedes benz gt r black series

While the official specs are still under wraps, it is expected to retain the twin-turbo 4. The difference will be the level of power that is finessed out of the engine. An official representative from Mercedes-AMG also recently revealed that this will be the fastest accelerating model yet!

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It is also important to note that this will be the first AMG model to receive the Black Series badge since As far as the exterior, testing at Nurburgring has shown that we can expect to see improved aerodynamic components, a new exhaust system, large rear wing and an all-around more encroaching appearance.

Other alterations expected are the inclusion of rear-wheel drive versus the former all-wheel drive and an upgraded suspension. The PRO trim was limited to units worldwide, in the United States, and this was the only example produced in factory designo Night Black Soak up the sun and have Prestige Imports Miami, FL.

Features Include: Horsepower 4. Limited edition with just built. No listings found! Widen search by de-selecting one or more search filter items.

mercedes benz gt r black series

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Mercedes-AMG will send off the GT by releasing a limited-edition, high-horsepower variant developed with racing in mind. AMG's next Black Series model unexpectedly appeared on the website of a company named Fastabast via CarBuzz that sells speedy rides around the 'Ring, among other activities. Without citing sources, it revealed power will come from an evolution of the standard GT's 4.

It pelts the Black Series from zero to 62 mph in 3. If they're accurate, these figures will make the Black Series considerably more powerful than the GT Rwhich made its debut in with horsepower and pound-feet of torque between its fenders. AMG quotes a 3. Although the two GTs are similar on paper, they'll be more different than the numbers suggest, because engineers put the Black Series on a diet to extract every last ounce of street-legal performance from the chassis before they put it out to pasture.

We don't know yet if these features will come standard, if they'll be optional, or if the company will add them to guarantee the safety of its customers.

While there's no word on how many examples will be made, CarBuzz learned Project One reservation holders have the opportunity to buy the Black Series before anyone else. This sounds like a way to keep them relatively satisfied in spite of the delays that have plagued AMG's road-going Formula One car.

Current AMG owners will then have the opportunity to order the Black Series, and members of the general public will need to tussle over any and all remaining build slots. We get it.

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Mercedes-AMG GT R Discontinued to Make Room for the Black Series and Stealth Editions

And thanks for reading Autoblog. Ronan Glon. Share 0 Comments. Related Video:. Compare Now. Mercedes-Benz Coupe Performance Supercars.In fact, only five such models have been deemed worthy of receiving the Black Series designation. And now, the sixth such one has arrived. This isn't just some basic tuning job requiring a new rear spoiler and additional bits of aero. Designers and engineers at AMG headquarters in Affalterbach, Germany went above and beyond by focusing on every aspect of the two-door coupe to guarantee maximum performance.

Going from track to road-legal is never easy, and perhaps that's why the AMG GT Black Series will go down in the automaker's history as one of its finest creations. Porsche GT3 RS owners: pay attention. Because so much has changed under the hood, numerous exterior adjustments were required with AMG taking a "form follows function" approach. For starters, there's an enlarged radiator air inlet featuring chrome vertical struts.

The carbon fiber front splitter has two manually adjustable settings and a uniquely shaped front diffuser that, depending on its position, increases downforce on the front axle. Other active aerodynamic body elements include wheel arch coolers, semicircular flics, air curtains, and underbody paneling. Both the cool-looking hood with a pair of air intakes and roof are carbon fiber.

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The huge two-stage rear spoiler is also carbon fiber and painted matte black. When driving at lower speeds, this flap extends to create additional downforce. When traveling above mph, it retracts in order to reduce air resistance. Other noteworthy exterior features include AMG exclusive magmabeam paint, spoke forged wheels in matte black wearing specially developed Pilot Sport Cup 2 R MO tires, and windscreen thin glass.

The interior is a stunning blend of luxury and racing tech. There's exclusive Nappa leather with Dinamica black microfiber and orange contrast stitching while the door panels are equipped with loop pull straps instead of conventional handles to help save weight. Plenty of AMG badges are scattered throughout. The GT Black gets an AMG Performance flat-bottom steering wheel made from aluminum and trimmed in microfiber, while a pair of aluminum paddle shifters make changing gears quick and easy.

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mercedes benz gt r black series

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mercedes benz gt r black series

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2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

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Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series will roast its rear tires with a 720-hp V8

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mercedes benz gt r black series

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